It’s a fact that Eating healthy is of vital importance .because of busy schedule it becomes difficult to maintain healthy eating .As soon as you get hunger pangs in office,you resort to the junk food ,or anything available in the office cafe.And,sometimes you eat so sugary and fried stuff with high calorie,it makes you lethargic and less energetic.

I know it’s not easy to prepare extra meal for office in the early morning as you have multiple things to do in the morning.So,go smarter and prepare some super easy munching snacks that don’t take much time to prepare.Let’s make some lost of
what all super quick meals you can prepare.


two halves of boiled eggs on wooden rustic background. the view from the top

Boiled eggs are excellent source of protein ,so you can have it in your diet at anytime of the day. Boil some extra eggs in the morning,you can have some in the breakfast,and carry some for the later part of the day.You can add avocado with it to add colour, nutrition and more taste


For calorie conscious person,sprouts are excellent choice to munch on in between work as they are low in calories,high in fibre and protein.You can make your sprouts spicy and tangy by adding a hint of salad sauce or by adding cucumber,onions and tomatoes and some green chillies.There are so many options to choose from like green lentil sprouts,black gram sprouts,alfalfa sprouts,soya sprouts,fenugreek sprouts,broccoli sprouts and many more .


Handful of almonds and peanuts keeps you full and will provide that daily dose of protein.Carry them in an airtight container so that they can remain crispy.You can roast them to make them more tasteful and sprinkle some rock salt on it.


Oats are easy to cook and takes no time.You cam prepare oats either ways sugary,sugar free or salty. You can add nuts in your oats to make them delicious.Instant oat idlis are delicious to eat anytime.You can also opt for oat coin paranthas or oat pancakes. Easy to make and healthy too.


like tea

You can carry your favourite flavour of fresh juice ,coconut water or favourite jasmine or any green tea ,blue tea as hydration is most important.


Sandwiches are everyone’s favourite and easy to carry.Sandwiches are full meal for anyone .You can carry your personal favourite recipe sandwich like egg sandwich,chicken sandwich.grilled sandwich,Nutella sandwich,seafood sandwich,vegetable sandwich or Vegan sandwich.


In a jiffy , no time to prepare even quick meal,just pack some seasonal fresh fruit in your favourite colourful container.You can carry fresh,whole fruit as it’s easy to pack and keeps well at room temperature like,grape bunch,apple,fresh berries,banana or an orange..Roll whole fruit in cloth napkins to prevent bruising.You can also pack them in your insulated bag using ice or gel packs.

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